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    Having a website for your business is very important. You may already have a Facebook business page or selling your items on EBay, but ask yourself this question, would you rather rent or own your business space? Having a business or blog website allows you to own and have control over it, whereas facebook or eBay can close down at any time.

    In our FREE ‘How to create a Website” Training guide, we will take you through 12 steps to getting your business up and running in just 7 days.

    Get a Domain Name.

    Buy Website Hosting

    Set your Name-servers

    Install WordPress

    Choose a layout theme & install it.

    Add some features through plugins.

    Your logo & branding

    Page Design including Home About, Contact Us, etc

    Blog page set up & Blogging

    Email Marketing campaign, Call of Action Lead Magnet setup

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Setup

    Monetization and starter visibility and Marketing plan.

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    Hold up, i can get a website for FREE why do i need to spend up to $200?????

    We use to teach you to create a website which is different than many other platforms..…

    This is a website as a service implementation developed on the platform. You can use it to get a basic free website and upgrade with more space and functions. However, it doesn’t provide you with the level of flexibility that comes with the .org platform.


    Squarespace is very easy to learn and similar to but fewer features compared to Squarespace has great security options and idea for a very basic website without any extra functions.


    Wix is designed for beginners. It offers a drag-and-drop site builder and all the tools and features are available with a click. However, it has limited customisation ability and some limit to SEO functions and the ability to run the site speed faster.


    Is another popular open-source CMS that features intuitive website management. You can get access to hundreds of extensions to customise and enhance the platform’s functionalities. Similar to however Joomla is more complex than though.

    With all the benefits of and using one of the best and most customizable premium themes called Divi, you will have a website you can have full control of plus have the ability to add extra add on and features including e-commerce shopping cart, the marketplace, job board, directory plus heaps later on which you can’t with other website building tools.

    Digital Marketing is essential for all businesses.

    It allows more customers to reach your business or blog by getting a website today.


    Jacinta and Roy are brilliant. I have used a few other companies to help set up other small business websites but these two are fair the superior and most cost-effective to assist you to get online.

    Sharon Hillcreast

    I love learning new things and was so stressed that I had to pay $2000 plus for a website. This DIY guide is fantastic and with a few extra $$ spend with some technical help from Jacinta and the team, I ended up spending well below my budget.


    Are you a Do it yourselfer? You either enjoy organizing and setting up things yourself, or you just don’t have a huge budget to pay someone to get you started online.

    My mission is to show you a simple and cost-effective way on how to build a website that you can custimise and add features on as you grow your business.

    I will walk you through step by step to build a beautiful website without the coding and tech talk.

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    The 7 Day Website Challenge covers.