Business Directory Websites in Australia. The best ones to advertise your business on.

The best 27 Business Directory Websites in Australia to advertise your business.

Get noticed more and improve your local Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)

Are you a local business? Hairdresser, massage therapist, plumber, retail shop etc Are you wanting to gain more exposure in your local neighborhood? Then promoting on the top 27 Business Business Directory Websites in Australia will a great way to start.

Most people start by searching for local businesses, don’t you?. People prefer to support locals, so searching for businesses in their town, surrounding areas or in the closest major suburb like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, etc is something that everyone does. Being part of this local Australian search is vital for any business.

The major Search engine Google knows this and as part of its Googles algorithm, it gives higher rankings to businesses that promote locally. In tune, this will also improve your local Search engine optimization (SEO) and drive more traffic to your business.

So if you looking for more local customers then start submitting your business to the following Australian business directory websites.

You don’t want to just be on any random business directories you want to be on the ones that have heaps of traffic themselves and have great SEO. Thomas Web Designs regularly updates this list so remember to come back to it regularly or join our newsletter list to be notified of any changes.

Don’t have time? Don’t live in Australia?

Thomas Web Designs offers a Directory Submission service. Check it out here.

The Top 27 Business Directories in Australia.

Updated on the 12/07/2019

  1. Yellow Pages online (Sensis)
  2. True Local
  3. Nationwide
  4. Tradebusters Connect
  5. Yelp
  6. One flare
  7. Pure local
  9. dLook
  10. Hotfrog
  11. Start Local
  13. Pure Local
  14. Local Search
  15. Local Business Guide
  16. You Are
  17. Aussie web
  18. Local Store
  19. Business Listings
  20. Savvysme
  21. Live Pages
  22. Find Local
  23. Go find local
  24. Bloo
  25. Our Patch
  26. A to Z Pages
  27. Pink Pages

Before you start jumping on all these sites, get yourself prepared by having everything in front of you.

  • Your business name
  • Business overview- sometimes it’s good to mix it up with slightly different ones on each listing.
  • Business Email address
  • Business phone number
  • Business address- If you work from home or have a mobile business make sure you state this in your ad. Some directories allow you to only show the suburb of your business as well.
  • Social media links- like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc
  • Logo image
  • Business ABN
  • Opening hours
  • A login username you want to use
  • A login password you want to use

Please note, there are many business directories that are more effective for certain industries or locations such as:

North Sydney business directory

Melbourne Business Directory

Tasmania local and tourism business directory

Hair Salons Business directory

Plus heaps more. You can either go to google, type the location or industry followed by business directory.

Don’t have time? or you don’t live in Australia? Thomas Web Designs offers a Directory Submission service- check it out here.

Listing in these business directories can help you get above your competitors when people search for local businesses so start listing today.

Have a great day.



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  3. Thank so much for compiling this list of Australian directories, you can also add localbd(dot) and brisbanebd(dot) on your list. They are free directories and approves submissions really fast.

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