Confused About Email Marketing? What Is It ? And Why Use It?

Email marketing is sending out emails to current, past and potential clients to promote your business. This helps to keep a relationship strong and in touch with current and past clients and by sending out free information, tips and guides your potential clients can then turn into paid clients.

Email marketing programs (platforms, provider, campaigns or want ever you want to call it) allows you to create lists of clients (either potential and/ or current clients) and contact them regularly with the aim to have your potential clients becoming paying customers and your current clients becoming repeat clients.

But I already have a list of customers that I contact regularly?

If you do that awesome. How do you normally communicate with them? I used to save all my customers email addresses into a word or excel document and copy them into an email when I wanted to send out an email. How much time does that take up through?

Then you need to make sure you don’t breach privacy when sending out a bulk email. If you are putting all the email addresses in the To or CC may be a breach of privacy as when doing this all the receivers can see everyone else’s emails addresses. So, in this case, you should the BCC (Blind client copy) which hides all the addresses from the recipients. But who really reads boring emailed filled with just words and what if that person doesn’t want to receive emails anymore?. Don’t you want to be able to jazz it up with photos so you draw people in and not have to manually delete people from your list etc? This is another reason to use an email marketing provider.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the different email marketing platform.

There heaps of them available from MailChimp, Mailerlite, Convert kit, Active campaign to name a few. Some offer free trials, or free for up to 1000 or so clients or very low cost etc. Check out my overview of Email marketing providers in my WordPress community this gives you a comparison of some of the top marketing platforms, what they offer, how easy they are to use and the pricing.

I personally use Mailerlite, but I have a huge amount of clients that use MailChimp as you don’t need a website to use mail chimp, but a review from a lot of other business owners say that Convertkit or active campaign is the best. They all do great jobs so it’s completely up your business needs and your budget. All of them have great set up guides and support. Once you decide on the best one to fit your needs then go ahead and join up or trial one.

More benefits of an email marketing

  • You can have an opt-in/ lead magnet linked to a freebie to offer to your clients.
  • Run email automation to save writing and sending out follow up emails, set it up so your email marketing program will do this for you.


Need helping to set your email marketing platform up?

Join our community members for more do it yourself tools or contact us to get help for us to set it up for you.

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