Hacker Insurance

Hacker Insurance

As a Website tech I get many enquires from website owners saying that their website got hacked and they had to pay heaps of money to get it fixed or worst pay someone to completely rebuild their website.

There is always a fine line between if it’s the hosting provider or website owners fault as many questions come to play as to why it got hacked in the first place.

These are some questions you should ask your hosting provider and read their hosting terms and conditions.

If you want that extra piece of security and not have to stress about your website then our Hacker Insurance as part of all our Website Maintenance Packages can give you this piece of mind.


We watch your website daily and monitor DDos attacks, malware and other viruses.


We scan your website for viruses and malware


We guarantee to restore and fix your website within 24 hours of any virus attacks.


We update your passwords regularly and monitor access attempts.


Checking for the loopholes and patching them, so your website will be safe.


We watch and update urgent security patches from your theme and plugins.