Website Marketing

You have spent so much time researching and developing a great product or service that people will need and benefit from. But how can you show them that they are needed? Digital Marketing is advertising through the digital medium. Digital media includes web pages, social media pages, digital images, videos, electronic books (E-books) and digital auto such as podcasts.

It’s the simplest marketing tools that business people don’t use, that can potentially lose you 100’s of customers.

Marketing is essential for all businesses. Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn in this course.

Drive more people to your business.

Hello there, I’m so happy you signed up so I can help you “Drive more people to your business”. Day one of your course will arrive in your inbox shortly, so while you are waiting I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Jacinta and have over 10 years website and business experience (check my about me page for more info). I recently set up “Jump Start your Biz” so I can provide people with heaps of business, website and advertising skills that will take your business up a notch.

I can’t wait to get you started and for those’s with a website I can help you it to its full potential. I want to get you started straight away, so just before you check your emails, check out our blog posts and resource products and please contact me at any time.

Looking forward to working with you.



Your marketing strategy services.

Your Website is up but you are not gaining any leads or sales? We offer the following Supported DIY digital marketing services. 

Alongside our Hosting,  website security and general editing maintenance packages have the following Website Marketing packages.

 We will support you alongside your own do it yourself marketing. This includes certain hours of support each month of phone or email support or where we actually do some work for you including Marketing strategy Development, Directory Submission, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Facebook messager, content creation, inbound marketing or Social media management.

From $335.. view more information HERE.


If you are looking for full Social Media Management, SEO, PPC or other types of display or outbound Marketing (Letter box drops etc) we have trusted partners we can refer you to.

Marketing Strategy Development.

A clear and detailed marketing plan is the first step toward business success. This can be time-consuming so we help take the pressure off you. Together we can help you create your marketing plan detailing everything from goals to marketing activities and budgeting. Contact us about our marketing for small businesses.

Social Media Management.

With the never-ending change in the world of social media it is hard to stay up to date and engaged. We know that with over 2 billion worldwide social media users your ideal market is among them. Reach them and engage with them with a well-planned social media strategy. We can help you set up your Social Media pages, create social media graphics that match your business branding. We can give you advice and templates to start your own social media management to help you design your posts, scheduling, and engagement. We can also refer you to a Social Media Manager and experts if you don’t have time to do this yourself.

Directory Submission

This includes submitting your website and business to free local and other top ranking websites to help give your business more reach as well as backlinks that will help your your business website search engine rankings.

Email Marketing / Facebook Messenger bot

Keeping in touch with your current clients and build a relationship with potential new clients is is essential as part of your marketing campaign. Sending emails and/ or messenger allow you to share more knowledge and information about your services and products to remind your clients you are still here. We can assist you with the development and management of landing page, lead magnets, connecting up EBooks, marketing funnel emails or messengers, promotional emails and ongoing newsletters.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the organic (Free) results in search engines. We also offer other basic or full SEO package.

Content Creation / Inbound Marketing

Start attract potential new Customers with unique and Engaging Content. We offer blog and article writing as well as providing keyword research and suggestions that will boost your search engine rankings. Inbound marketing can help form connections with your audience and help solves problems they already have.