Why is Social Media an important Marketing factor for your business?

When it comes to marketing your brand and products, you would always choose platforms where your target audience spends more of their time. Facebook has over 2.23 billion monthly active users. Twitter has around 336 million users. LinkedIn has around 500 million users. There are half a dozen more social media sites that have hundreds of millions of monthly active users between them. An average smartphone user spends more than an hour every day on one or more of these social media sites. With such a high level of user engagement, it is not difficult to see why social media is an important marketing factor for your business.

There are even more reasons why social media is such an important digital marketing factor.

1. Generate Targeted Traffic

Engaging social media posts are highly effective in driving targeted traffic to your website or landing pages. Social media networks have billions of users and a well-designed marketing strategy can drive an unprecedented volume of traffic to your website.

Social media has become almost a necessity for people. And websites like Facebook and Twitter make it easy for you to target users based on their demographics and interests. You can categorise users based on various factors and ensure that your brand is promoted to the right audience.

2. Improved Brand Recognition & Loyalty

Social media allow your prospects to access your business with ease. And it makes your brand seem more familiar to your existing customers, thus boosting brand recognition. Studies also show that social networking sites also improve brand loyalty. Users who follow your brand are highly likely to be loyal to you.

A brand starts gaining increased recognition once people start noticing it on social media. Whether you are a new or an existing brand, social media sites help you earn your voice in the market.

3. Deeper Insights

Social media helps you gain valuable insights into what your customers need. You can learn about your audience’s interests and plan the right steps to approach them with your marketing messages. Not only can you observe the comments made by your target audience on your page, you can also target ads based on factors that help determine your audience. You can keep an eye on competitor practices and improve upon them.

Social media allows you to collect data about how people are interacting with your brand. The patterns, trends, and relevant reports can help you build a better marketing strategy.

4. Influence on SEO

Social media signals are regarded as important ranking elements in search engine algorithms. Thus, having a strong presence on social media sites can also have a positive impact on your SEO. Even when Google hasn’t acknowledged it, many marketers have noticed the influence of social media activities on search engine rankings.  If your social media profiles gain more positive interaction from your fans and followers, it can send strong signals to Google ranking algorithms, thus boosting your rankings.

The platform has become bigger than ever and allows easier access to valuable information. There are many tools that provide you valuable insights into relevant data. Thus, there are many ways in which social media plays an important role in your marketing strategy.

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